Calculator with Unit Converter

This is a free Calculator With Unit Converter which can be used to convert any unit into any other associated unit from the same measurement field. Please select your desired unit under the "Convert From" pull down menu and the Unit Converter will load all matching units in the "Convert To" field. You can then select your desired output unit and the system will show you the results.

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Unit Converter

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Calculator With Unit Converter: Start converting units of all major units conversion type instantly & accurately with your universal units Calculator With Unit Converter today.

Unit Converter is a beautifully designed universal Calculator With Unit Converter tool that is made to convert units easily, accurately and instantly for the android and PC Microsoft Windows platforms. This Unit Converter tool offers the convenience to perform unit conversion on your android mobile and desktop, saving you the hassle from connecting to the Internet.

Converting units for research, for gourmet dish preparation, to quick conversion of units in a different country, is now easier with the Calculator With Unit Converter tool. Lightweight and easy to use, with instant (real-time) conversion of metrics as and when and wherever you need units converted.

Start by selecting from the extensive list of units to convert from and to, typing in the values in either fields and see instant conversion done in real-time. No additional clicking needed for the Unit Calculator tool to do it’s conversion.

A numerical pad has been included, allowing users to start working with this converter easier on a Tablet PC. The converter runs on android, tablet, iPhone and computer Windows platforms (with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above).

You can now work faster, smarter and easier with your universal Conversion Calculator; go for it today.

Benefits of Free Unit Converter

Calculator With Unit Converter

9 features and reasons why you’ll love the Unit Converter :-

1. Instant and easy conversion.

Instantly convert between the 2 selected units. A number entry pad has just been added to make number entry easy in your android and Tablet PC.

2. Extensive unit types supported.

Allows you to add your own custom units for conversion, and support units of all major unit conversion types.

3. Add your own units for conversion.

Allows you to add your own units of the above types for conversion. You need not wait for us to add additional units you need.

4. Unit Converter Table.

Display a Unit Converter Table that list the conversion values of the units of a selected unit type. Conversion can also be done in the Unit Converter Chart dialog. This gives you a fast references of the units of the unit type you are interested in.

5. Customize unit list or Unit Converter Chart.

Support selecting the list of units to display for conversion. You can set it show only those units you are interested in.

6. Always on top option.

Option to set window always on top. This will be useful when you want to copy the conversion result to another application you are working on below.

7. Energy saving features.

Whenever relevant, we will implement power saving feature in our Calculator With Unit Converter tool to help you save electricity.

8. Fast loading, execution and optimized resource usage.

This tool has an optimized file size and memory usage, saving your system resources for other programs to load and run fast, hence saving you time.

9. Easy and safe to use.

You can safely use our Calculator With Unit Converter tool on your system at any time.

Calculator With Unit Converter

Unit Calculator

Convert from one unit to another with this simple online Unit Converter. The UI is elegant and is made with careful consideration so that conversion becomes so easy. Each conversion symbols are as per international standards.

Advanced option has been added to help engineers and scientists to get accurate data. Using advanced feature you will be able adjust the values to specified number of decimal places or significant figures.

Length is the distance from one end of something to the other end, a measurement of how long something is.

i) SI unit : metre(m)

iu) Other units: centimeter (cm), metre (m), kilometer(km), ....

A measure of the warmth or coldness of an object or substance with reference to some standard value. The temperature of two systems is the same when the systems are in thermal equilibrium.

A body's relative mass or the quantity of matter contained by it, giving rise to a downward force; the heaviness of a person or thing.

Energy is the capacity of a physical system to do work. The standard unit is the joule, symbolized by J. One joule (1 J) is the energy resulting from the equivalent of one newton (1 N) of force acting over one meter (1 m) of displacement.

Pressure is the weight or force that is produced when something presses or pushes against something else. The standard unit of pressure is the pascal (Pa), equivalent to one newton per meter squared (N/m 2 or N·m -2 ).

Speed is a way of measuring how quickly something is moving or being done, or something moving fast. It is the rate at which someone or something moves or travels.

Time is defined as the duration in which all things happen, or a precise instant that something happens.

Conversion Calculator

Calculator With Unit Converter, Conversion Calculator, website is a free and simple "Calculator With Unit Converter" tool which provides online facilities of calculator for multiple types of unit conversions like Conversion Of Units Of Measurement, Unit Converter For Area, Unit Converter Weight, Unit Converter Pressure or Unit Converter For Pressure etc.

Here with the help of unit Conversion Calculator tool you can convert the value from one unit to another unit in seconds. This site contain various types of Unit Conversion tools, commonly which are used in the engineering sectors  or in any field to solve the mathematical problems within less time.


Our free Unit Calculators are digital gadgets that were built to perform specific calculations for various tasks like acceleration, area, torque, electricity, energy, force, force, length, light, mass, mass flow, density & mass capacity, power, pressure & stress, temperature, time, velocity, speed, viscosity, volume & capacity and volume flow etc. They were designed to work just like any regular calculation Conversion Calculator tools with two goals in mind – to provide you with the necessary information and to assist you to make better choices in life. Script credit goes to - Jacob Banner.